General Terms


  • ARMATOR: Ship owner, carrier.
  • AGENCY: The agency that operates in any port on behalf of the shipowner and acts as its representative.
  • NVOCC: “Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier”.
  • CO-LOADER: Carries out transportation by consolidating the loads of other forwarders with its own load.
  • FORWARDER: The organizer company that carries out the operation of road, airline, seaway, railway transportation, customs and insurance services, and has an active agency network.
  • BILL OF LADING (B / L): Seaway bill of lading.
    a.Master B / L (Main bill of lading)
    b.House B / L (Mid waybill)
  • CHARTER TRANSPORTATION: It is the transportation made by renting the ship completely or partially (part cargo).
  • CHARTER PARTY: It is the name given to the contract between the carrier and the shipowner.
  • BULK LOADING: Bulk loading in conventional freight transport.
  • BROKER: Broker, intermediary between shipowner and loader.
  • RO-RO TRANSPORTATION: Transportation by vehicle, trailer or ships carrying containers.

Loading and Unloading Terms


  • FREE IN (FI): Shipping cost at the port.
  • FREE OUT (FO): Discharge cost at the port.
  • LINER IN (LI): The cost of loading belongs to the shipowner.
  • LINER OUT (LO): The cost of unloading belongs to the shipowner.
  • STUFFING: Stowing, loading the cargo into the container.
  • UNSTUFFING: Emptying the container.
  • STEVEDORING: Loading and unloading service of the ship.

Port Terms


  • STORAGE: Port storage / storage.
  • DEMURAJ: If the ship exceeds the loading and unloading time given to it or if the cargo waiting in the container is not cleared from the customs before the given time.
  • FREE TIME: Free time. The amount of time that the load can wait before entering the discharge. Demurrage is applied in timeout.
  • THC (Terminal Handling Fee):Handling fee at the port.
  • TEMPORARY ADMISSION: Due to customs regulations in Turkey are obliged container goods subject to customs status. For this reason, the cost of customs clearance that occurs when a container is removed from the customs area at the port or brought back to the port.

Terms Related to Freight


  • CAF: (Currency Adjustment Factor) Including fluctuations in the US dollar in the freight.
  • BAF: (Bunker Adjustment Factor) Including fluctuations in fuel oil prices in overseas in certain transports.
  • Priming: Usually surcharge imposed to reduce the risk of shipowners used in export freight from Turkey.
  • WAR RISK SURCHARGE (WRS): Additional fee charged in addition to the freight for voyages to ports with war risk.
  • HIGH CUBE SURCHARGE: Additional charge for High Cube container.
  • IMCO CHARGE: Additional fee demanded by the ship owner in dangerous goods transportation.
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