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Questions or Concerns

How environmentally responsible is Salinas Logistics Company?

Environmental responsibility is a major concern for us. We adhere to the principles of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.  Within our supply chain, we seek out suppliers who support these practices.

What exactly is logistics inbound?

Inbound logistics involves the transport of supplies or goods from a warehouse, manufacturer, or even a retail store. It involves the sourcing of raw materials or goods ready to be distributed.

What is the most cost-effective way to deliver a package?

The cost of each shipment is based on the distance that has for the distance to cover between the sender’s address and the recipient’s. Furthermore, the cost of shipping a parcel will be contingent on factors like how fast the parcel must arrive (express service) and the amount of weight of the parcel, the peak season for orders, and much more.

Does Salinas Logistics Company offer a special corporate customer offer?

We have special pricing, like high discount rates, for our corporate clients who purchase in bulk.

What is the meaning of an order being fulfilled?

Suppose your service provider has marked your order as being fulfilled. In that case, that means that the order is being processed (packaging and labeling, generation of airwaybills) and ensuring it is delivered on time and safely to the customer’s location.

What is the outbound logistics procedure?

Outbound logistics involves transporting items from a warehouse or distribution center to another step in the supply chain. It involves packing the items and delivering the goods to the client.

What is the definition of on-time delivery?

On-time delivery is the most important indicator of the efficiency of the supply chain. This allows the company to assess its supply chain’s efficiency effectively and provide maximal customer satisfaction upon the day of delivery. Since competition is intense in the marketplace, customers’ expectations must be fulfilled, usually delivering the correct item within the stipulated timeframe. Timely delivery can help in greater customer retention and will keep them happy.

What are the seven points in logistics?

Getting the correct product in the correct size, at the right conditions, place, and moment to the right customer at the right cost.



We love the personal service from the entire Salinas team, from sales to logistics to the business office. Thanks for making the process run smoothly.

Erhan Y.

Erhan Y.


Salinas Shipping combined competitive pricing on standard freight with diligence and expertise on difficult shipments that I have yet to find from other forwarders.

Russell L.

Russell L.


Salinas Shipping, I have worked with three companies for 20 years. They are true professionals with a “can do” attitude. They helped with smart solutions to supply chain problems.

Wesley M.

Wesley M.

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